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Bag filter with cage 

  • Capacity: from 200 to 500 liters per minute
  • Structure: reinforced in Stainless Steel AISI-304/316 and hot-dip galvanized Steel
  • Size: 2500 x 1500 x 3200 h mm
    Electrical power: 5kW – 380/400V – 50/60Hz


The PCS1-PLUS Bag Filter is the “MOBILE” purification version as it allows its use in different workplaces at different times. It is complete with sludge settling silos enclosed in a hot-dip galvanized steel protection cage, a flocculant dosing system, and a pneumatic discharge system in mobile structures with filter big-bags. This model is ideal for clarification and filtration of wastewater and sludge for small and large capacities, as it involves a dual filtration process using:

1) A sedimentation system (silos of various sizes and capacities) that achieves a natural separation between sludge and water through an internal process;
2) A flocculant system (optional for specific needs), a chemical substance that accelerates the detachment and isolation process of sludge from water.

It features a compact structure with silos in Stainless Steel AISI-304/316 and remaining structures in galvanized hot-dip heavy iron; the entire system is customizable for any request and requirement, with individual design.

The system is characterized by a high ecological impact due to a high purification of every type of sludge, with low maintenance as the only manual operations for the operator involve the discharge of sludge (with a lever-activated pneumatic system located next to the control panel) and the movement of structures with the big-bag sacks.

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