Dust Suction and suppression

Our production’s suction plants  are available in the Benches (MS and BS Series) and Cabins (CS Series) versions.

They present a principle of suppression by nebulized water  and they are designed for a total suction and filtration of the dusts resulting from the processing of marble, granite, quartz and similar.

The stainless steel AISI-304/316, the full TIG welding and the craftsmanship attribute to the plants high quality, high efficiency and low maintenance.

Bench with internal air diffuser

Bench with external air diffuser

Tower Bench

Tower Bench with mobile suction device

Cabin with internal air diffuser

Set of Cabins in series

Cabin with external air diffuser

Why choose our Suction Plants?

Design and manufacture in our factory “Made in Italy”, with the possibility to customize;
– Solid structures in stainless steel AISI-304 with collection tanks in AISI-316, using full TIG welding techniques (ensuring quality of material and workmanship);

Sludge tanks’ efficient cleaning  thanks to the inclination of the structure and to the unloading built inside the foot of the support of the plants
Closed cycle of suppression by nebulized water (allowing a limited use of water);
– Excellent combination of suction power and silent dust suppression.


We offer design and construction of customized plants for every need, with the possibility to integrate accessories