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Water collection and muddy liquids channelling

This product line includes centrifugal pump groupssubmersible electro pumps and air compressed pumps.


Series SD
Submersible electric pumps

Submersible electric pumps in stainless steel or cast iron with single-channel open impeller that offers wide free passages and excellent yields. From HP2 to HP30 ideal for the conveyance of muddy liquids and water with solids in suspension with quantities of abrasive substances too.

Series SP
Pneumatic pump

Diaphragm air compressed pneumatic pump suitable for the transport of liquid substances and sludge with the advantage to changing the flow rate, adjusting the pressure of the air supply. Useful and highly recommended for filter press plants.

GP series
Centrifugal pumps group

Pressure’s centrifugal pumps group useful for water supply with suction from well, complete of ball valve, non-return valve and diaphragm tanks.

Customize Plants

We offer design and construction of customized plants for every need, with the possibility to integrate accessories


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