Bags Filter in low version

  • Capacity: from 200 to 500 Lt/min
  • Structure: reinforced with Stainless Steel AISI-304/316 and hot-galvanized steel;
  • Overall Dimensions: 2500 x 1500 x 3000 h mm
  • Motor Power: 4kW – 380/400V – 50/60Hz


The PCS1-B Bags Filter Plant Model is the low version with silos for muds decantation, compressed air pump, flocculant dosing system, pneumatic unloading system in mobile structures with filtering big-bags, compared to the model PCS1-A, this model allows a planning of a purification plant also in smaller and constrained space by reduced height.

This model is ideal for waste water and muds’s clarification and filtration for small and big capacity because it involves a double process of materials’ filtration thanks to:

1) A Decantation system (various sizes and capacities Silos) which makes a natural separation between mud and water through an internal process;
2) A Flocculant system (optional for every need) a chemical substance that accelerates the process of detachment and isolation of the mud from water.

It has a compact structure with Silos in stainless steel AISI- 304/316 and the remaining iron structures with heavy galvanized carpentry; the entire plant is customizable for every request and need by an individual design.

The plant is of high ecological impact thanks to an high purification for each types of sludge, by a low maintenance because the only manual operations of the operator concerns the sludge unloading (with pneumatic lever system placed near to the control panel) and the movement of big-bags structures.

Design & Layout



Centrifugal Group Pumps


Automatic Flocculant Dispenser

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