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Tower Bench

  • Overall dimensions: 3600 x 1400 x 2500 h mm
  • Work’s Area: 2400 x 1200 x 900 h mm
  • Suction’s Area:
    – central tower → Steel AISI-304
    – mud / water tank → Steel AISI-316
    – support bench → hot galvanized iron
  • Motor power: 5,5kW – 380/400V – 50Hz
  • Tank capacity: 0,5 m³
  • Intake Air Amount: 16.000 m³/h
  • Noise: 70 dB (min) / 75 dB (max)
  • Dust suppression: 99,6% [close cycle]
  • Operating: water dumping system


The BS200 Suction Bench has the characteristic to have an high suction for distant processing too,  with the addition of a customizable mobile suction device , in addition to all the processing performed on it.

This model sucks and filters the dusts, emitting a purified air inside the laboratory through an internal air diffuser located on the back side of the plant. 

The plant is of high ecological impact thanks to a closed cycle of suppression (limiting the waste of water) and thanks to a low maintenance of sludge unloading from the plant (due to the unloading built inside the foot of the support).

Size & layout


Mobile suction device

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