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Do you want to rent a plant without paying any advance?

We offer you the Operating Lease

It is a financing formula that allows you to rent new goods and equipment for a specific period of time (from 24 to 60 months), paying monthly or quarterly fixed fee, without advances or macro fees. At the end of the period, it is possible to decide to buy the goods definitively, at the surrender value, or to return the goods and to start a new financing / rental for new and updated goods.

The benefits of the operating lease compared to the ordinary leasing for the customer:

• Possession and use of the good, not ownership of the good (it does not go under asset register):
• Current assets are kept:: no down payment, deposit or big fee to pay upon signing the contract:
• No warning to the central credit Register (even in the case of late or absent payment of an instalment):
• It is possible to include software and services (technical assistance contracts etc.) that usually violate ordinary lease contracts, but not operating lease ones
• The regular instalments plan lets you know when payments are due:
• Fiscal advantages: full fiscal deductibility of the instalments paid during the year, regardless of the length of the contract, even to the purposes of the regional income tax (compared to the ordinary lease, for the operating lease there is no distinction between capital and interests).

The rental is an optimal way for small amounts (from € 500 to € 20,000) and for short durations, beyond these amounts and duration, it is still manageable but it is suitable for goods that cannot be financed by the leasing.

Tecnoporro is the only company able to offer operating lease services for its machinery in France and Romania as well as in Italy.


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